Digitalize your company just by using a smart tag and your smartphone. You do not need any app


Our technology can be used for any business activity, with no limits. Just think and we can do it.


Increase your productivity. Do not wait any longer, trust Tagwiser for the automation of your process.
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We provide seamless solution for your business

Tagwiser is a company that specializes in digitizing services and process without using any app. We provide you with automation, innovation and simplicity, regardless of your business industry. Just get your smartphone close to our smart tags and find out the amazing universe hidden behind.
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Free solutions for all business industries

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We offer solutions for any business industry. Do not be shy. Tell us about your company project and we will customize a smart tag that meets your expectations. Our technology works just fine on most common smartphones (iPhone & Android)
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Key features

Data Flow Intelligence

Keep eye on your data and control all flow

Form automation System

Create any form and collect data all over the world

Timeless SAV Assist

Assist your customer 24/24 and 7/7 on site whithout moving.

Order Process Buster

1-Click process to accelerate order on your website

Dynamic link Access

Manage any link at anytime on any device.

Dynamic Business card

Business Card that continously connect you.
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Many thanks to our partners who we are proud to satisfy on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we cannot mention all of them due to contractual terms.
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